“Deskmate from School” Networking Event

As an adult who has been out of school for years, do you regret missing out on your first sweetheart at school? This past Double Seventh Day, ReSource Pro organized a networking event with the theme “Deskmate from School”, bringing nearly a hundred participants back to their school days to find their “Deskmate”.

Just look at the 2017 new students at the sign-in desk. How attractive they are!

A blackboard, workbook, pencil box and little notes; everything was there to bring back those memorable school days.

Sports meetings, Chinese class, final exams, scholarships; the competition between classes was so intense!

Many people believe that lovers are likely to break up after graduation. However, we made this an opportunity to make a wish. Place your information card in the bag of the one you like, and when you open your eyes, you might just find your Mr. /Ms. Right.

This fun and meaningful event also attracted the attention of key media in Jinan. Click the links to read the reports from the Qilu Evening and Jinan Daily.

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