Harvesting Cross-country Friendships in the Summer

Previously, we reported on the arrival of our U.S interns. In early August, the interns finished their internships. After getting along with each other for two and a half months, the interns and their Chinese colleagues have built a deep relationship. Now, let’s hear what both sides have to say about the time they spent together.

Our intern Lynn was from Lincoln, Nebraska, and her parents are Vietnamese. This summer she brought the American culture to the ReSource Pro Jinan office. During her stay, Lynn delivered presentations and workshops on American culture, cross-cultural communication, English conversations as well as putting together activities and English games. She also had lunch with a different team every single day, speaking to over 200 colleagues. Lynn enjoyed talking with people and loved hearing their stories.

“I’d like to thank our colleagues for the friendship they have given me during the summer,” said Lynn.

Emily is a colleague from our Jinan office who worked with Lynn to organize various activities, and she was deeply impressed by these experiences.

“Everything went very smoothly while working with Lynn. She is proactive in carrying out the work schedule, and we learned a lot from her English tips, conversations and American cultural presentations that she delivered. She also has good communication skills, and listens to you carefully while you’re talking and shares her stories and interesting things in life with you. Everyone loves talking with Lynn! ”

Even though we had to say goodbye at this moment, we believe our friendship will continue. Next year, we will welcome new American interns to join us. Looking forward to building more cross-country friendships!