Latest ReSource Pro Publicity Achievements

This February, both ReSource Pro Qingdao and Jinan offices are under the news spotlight. On February 08, 2017, Qingdao Daily, the flagship newspaper of Qingdao municipal government, reported that ReSource Pro’s growth story and latest development updates. On February 20, Qilu … Continued

ReSource Pro’s Innovation and Transition Story

“The power that motivates the service outsourcing industry’s growth and transition lies in two aspects. On one hand, it depends on the environment in which the industry develops; on the other hand, it benefits from the business entity’s perseverance in … Continued

Build a Culture of Community

Dan Epstein, CEO of ReSource Pro talked to Chief Learning Officer, an HR-dedicated publication, about how RSP has built a community for Gen Y at work and how it’s keeping employees engaged. With a company average age of 26, it … Continued