“Deskmate from School” Networking Event

As an adult who has been out of school for years, do you regret missing out on your first sweetheart at school? This past Double Seventh Day, ReSource Pro organized a networking event with the theme “Deskmate from School”, bringing … Continued

“Welcome to the American West!”

In September, our Talent Development team held a fun English cultural event, “Welcome to the American West” in our Jinan office. This fun activity was hosted by Resource Pro’s resident cowboy Dean Munk (吉祥) in Jinan. During this event they … Continued

Harvesting Cross-country Friendships in the Summer

Previously, we reported on the arrival of our U.S interns. In early August, the interns finished their internships. After getting along with each other for two and a half months, the interns and their Chinese colleagues have built a deep … Continued

Not Your Usual Tea Break

Do you think a tea break is only about eating and drinking? The answer from my ReSource Pro colleagues is absolutely not. They had a tea break with a lot of brilliant ideas. Fruit Competition: Every team member worked together … Continued

Let’s Party in the Summer!

Waves, beaches, a villa, natural beauty, delicious food and beautiful girls; are you tempted by these hot summer elements? Our ReSource Pro colleagues were lucky enough to experience all of them this summer. Interesting games and BBQ at the villa; … Continued

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