“Welcome to the American West!”

In September, our Talent Development team held a fun English cultural event, “Welcome to the American West” in our Jinan office.

This fun activity was hosted by Resource Pro’s resident cowboy Dean Munk (吉祥) in Jinan. During this event they learned about:

  • The culture of the American West.
  • Some slangs that started in the west but are widely used.
  • How Talent Development can help our employees progress in their career.
  • Everyone who attended had a chance to sample some tasty nachos and salsa, a real treat on one of Dean’s favorite western snacks.

After work they had some practice using a lasso (a special rope a cowboy uses to catch cows) at an after work activity outside that everyone was invited to join. They did not have any cows at the software park but they did find a garbage can trying to escape. Anyone who was able to catch the garbage can got a great prize awarded by Talent Development.

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