“ReSource Pro Cup” Music & Cultural Festival: The Best Voice of Shandong University

The 2017 “ReSource Pro Cup” Music and Cultural Festival was held at the central campus of Shandong University on 11/23/17. Colleagues from ReSource Pro’s Qingdao and Jinan offices joined the event and shared a fantastic music festival with the students and teachers from the Management School of Shandong University. To display their best talents, the students started preparing their performances quite a while ago in their spare time. They were very passionate and enthusiastic. 1 At the opening of the event, the recruiting leader from ReSource Pro (Jinan) delivered a speech on stage. 2 As for the choice of songs, each class showed their own style. We witnessed the warm Gardenia in Blossom(《栀子花开》), the sweet Balloons(《告白气球》), the determined as Boundless as the Sea and Sky(《海阔天空》), the affectionate I want to sing for you(《想把我唱给你听》), the friendly All Life with You(《一生有你》), and the patriotic Pearl of the Orient(《东方之珠》). 3 In addition to the students from the Management School, our colleagues from Qingdao and Jinan also brought the best Hip-Hop song of the year at ReSource Pro; Why not find a job? The only difference was that this time it was a mixed chorus version. The big dolls Pikachu and Xiongben provided a lively dance and gift delivery service, which led to non-stop applause. 4 ReSource Pro also provided technical support; a WeChat Wall Interactive Platform. The students expressed their love for their teachers, their class, the Management School, and Shandong University through the platform. 5 We couldn’t miss the Lucky Draw! ReSource Pro provided several rounds of lucky draws through WeChat. Students received VR glasses, suitcases, and various cute dolls. In the end, the recruiting leader from ReSource Pro (Qingdao) presented the prizes on stage. 6 If you think you have the same kind of talent, please hurry and join us. We can offer a huge stage to you to shine your light! The next music king or queen at ReSource Pro could be you!