Thank You for Your Warmth

It’s Thanksgiving season again, and although the cold wind is blowing outside, our ReSource Pro family is extremely warm. Every department had their own unique way to bring warmth to every team member. How would you feel about receiving a bouquet of flowers as you entered the office on Thanksgiving Day? I believe your mood would be as beautiful as the flowers! thx Thanksgiving Day is about family reunion, so let’s have a family lunch together! Everyone brought homemade food to share with their teammates. Look how tantalizing and delicious the food is! thx2 Do you want some snacks after lunch? We not only prepared different kinds of snacks, but also displayed them in original ways. thx3 We can also go out to have fun after work. With delicious food, singing and fun games, we wrapped up the day with cheering and laughing. thx4 Can you feel the warmth from the ReSource Pro family on the other side of the screen? Join us and we will keep you warm through the next few winters!