The Coolest Halloween Ever: The Amazing Ghosts Are on the Way!

It’s Halloween time again, and this year many famous stars posted their holiday styles on social media, hiding their idol identities. As an American company, our colleagues here at ReSource Pro also tried their best to show their unique styles on this traditional western holiday. Look at these fancy and unique posters and decorations. I’m sure you can feel the warm festive atmosphere. 123123123131231 On this ‘ghost’ day, all the colleagues showed their amazing costumes and took on different roles like nuns, doctors, brides, pirates, scarecrows, skeletons, Ninja Turtles, and even French fries! We had more than you can imagine! 2 3 “Trick or Treat!” It’s only sweet, yummy food that we crave. We had candies, chocolates, cakes, cheese, sushi, drinks, etc., and I didn’t want to miss any of them! 4 In addition to the food and drinks, each team prepared delightful gifts like jack-o-lanterns, updated pumpkin vases, and special customized figurines as awards or souvenirs of the games. 5 Feel bad about missing this year’s party? No worries! You can attend next year’s. Hurry up and join us now!